How NOT To Use No Deposit Bonuses

By Courtney

We present you with 5 tips on how to get the most out of no deposit bonuses while avoiding methods that can leave you with nothing…and possibly even get you banned by the casino.

How NOT To Use No Deposit Bonuses

No-Deposit Bonus Basics

No-deposit bonuses are among the most welcome perks you could hope for in an online casino. They can get you a tidy sum of money in your casino account, which you can then use to play an assortment of games. And as the term suggests, this money can be yours to enjoy with no deposit required beforehand.

But things are rarely that straightforward in the world of online gambling. Just like anything else, these bonuses are subject to terms and conditions, which you will have to comply with in order to benefit from the bonus offers.

You have to understand that casinos have to make money just like anyone else. Terms and conditions are put in place not to make it more difficult for you to get bonus cash. Instead, they are there to ensure that no one takes advantage of the generous bonus offers.

Microgaming games are usually offered as part of no-deposit bonuses.

Microgaming games are usually offered as part of no-deposit bonuses.

When Things Go Wrong With No-Deposit Bonuses

So what are the consequences of not complying with the terms and conditions regarding no-deposit bonus offers? They vary from casino to casino, but you could generally expect one or more of the following:

  • Inability to claim the bonus
  • Having the bonus and subsequent winnings confiscated
  • Being banned from the casino

Needless to say, you wouldn’t want any of these to happen to you. The bonuses offered by some online casinos are pretty darn generous, so being prevented from having to access to them puts you at a strict disadvantage.

With that in mind, here are 5 things you shouldn’t do to avoid being ineligible for a no-deposit bonus, having your bonus and winnings taken from you, or being banned from an online casino.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do With No-Deposit Bonuses

1. Attempting to claim the same offer multiple times

Have you ever punched the button repeatedly on a vending machine hoping to get two sodas for the price of one? The online casino equivalent of this is trying to avail of a no-deposit bonus more than once.

Most casinos are very clear on this score. Many will even prevent you from accessing the same bonus automatically after you have already claimed it. On the rare occasion when a casino does allow you to go through the process of claiming the bonus, there is a good chance that you will have the bonus and your winnings taken away from you.

Don’t think you can get around this restriction by signing up for multiple accounts either. Most established online casinos have pretty sophisticated methods for detecting such shenanigans, and those are the ones that offer the best bonuses. If you like living dangerously and giving it a go anyway, you might just find yourself banned from the casino permanently.

Typical no-deposit bonus offer.

Typical no-deposit bonus offer.

2. Cashing out before you have met the wagering requirements

Wagering or playthrough requirements are put in place to give casinos a fair shot at earning back some of the money that they hand out in the form of bonuses. Simply put, the wagering requirement is how many times you have to wager the bonus amount before you are able to withdraw the bonus and any winnings you have made.

Wagering requirements vary from casino to casinos as well. They typically range from 20x to 30x, although they have been known to get as high as 40x in some casinos. Unless you wager the full amount of the bonus as many times as the casino requires, you will not be able to cash out anything.

3. Playing games that don’t count toward the bonus

Although you may be able to play most of the games after claiming the no-deposit bonus, some of them won’t count toward the bonus requirements at all. Far too many players have pumped virtual coins into pokies all day and all night only to realize that they haven’t made the slightest dent in terms of meeting the bonus requirements.

You should also be aware that not all games count toward the wagering requirement to the same degree. Some games may only account for 50% of the wagering requirement, while others may count for the full amount. Knowing how much a particular game counts toward the wagering requirement is your responsibility, although most casinos do provide the information on their bonuses and promotions page.

4. Making a single large bet

Making a single large bet on a no-deposit bonus is about the worst thing you can do. Sure, it is theoretically possible that you could win big and walk away with a huge chunk of cash to show for your effort. But realistically, what do you think the chances are of that happening?

A more likely scenario is that you would blow the entire bonus on a single hand of poker or a single spin of the slots. Where would you be then? Pretty much back to zero is the answer.

Let’s not even get into the missed opportunities to play more rounds of whatever game you choose. More rounds played equals more chances of winning, so think about what you would be missing out on if you blew the entire bonus at one go.

Furthermore, casinos typically place limits on how much you can win with bonus money. So in essence, you aren’t really gaining anything by placing excessively large bets. Instead, you stand to lose a lot more in the process.

Typical process for claiming a no-deposit bonus.

Claim Bonus

Step 1

Choose a bonus in the list and click “CLAIM BONUS”

Fill in Details

Step 2

Fill in your details to register a new account

Bonus Credited into Account

Step 3

Your Free Bonus will be credited instantly

5. Claiming another bonus while there is still one active

Finally, claiming a bonus while there is still another one active is totally frowned upon by most online casinos. Most are very explicit on this point, and you will be ineligible for the second bonus, not to mention possibly lose out on the first one. Even if you somehow manage to pull it off, you could well end up having your bonus and any subsequent winnings being pulled out from your account.


No-deposit bonuses are a good thing when used properly. They can even be better when you comply with all the requirements and you win a lot of money in the process. The key here is to read through the terms and conditions of the casino to the letter. Ask questions if you must, and make sure you understand all the requirements thoroughly. By doing so, you increase your chances of getting the full benefits of no-deposit bonuses.

Published on: 2018/11/01

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