How to Meet Free Spins Wagering Requirements

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We receive loads of emails from players around the world asking us how to ‘beat’ free spins wagering requirements or if it’s even possible to beat them. Well, it’s not a question of how to ‘beat’ the wagering requirements of free spins, but rather how to ‘meet’ them. This can be achieved by understanding why they exist, how they work and why they’re important.

All those questions and more you’ll find answered on this page along with a choice of the best, most reputable no deposit free spins casinos. As soon as players have grasped the importance of free spins wagering requirements, they can use what they’ve learned on any of our featured casinos in an attempt to turn their free spins into real withdrawable cash.

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What is a Free Spins Bonus Wagering Requirement?

Every single online casino bonus offer comes with terms and conditions as well as wagering requirements. These are a set of non-negotiable conditions or criteria that must be met by players when using free bonus cash or free spins before they can cash out any winnings derived from them. A failure to understand this is a common problem for many players.

Wagering requirements dictate the number of times free spins winnings and/or bonus cash must be wagered or played-through before it can be banked and/or cashed out, like 20x, 30x or 40x for instance. They also highlight the bonus maximum winnings withdrawal limit. This means any amount exceeding the bonus cash out cap is automatically forfeited.

They also explain that any winnings derived from no deposit free spins will be converted to regular casino bonus cash which is then subject to the casino’s regular or general bonus terms and conditions. Only once the wagering requirements in the terms and conditions have been met will players be permitted to make a withdrawal request, and not before.

Where are Bonus Wagering Requirements Listed?

Online casino fans who want to access all the information about the wagering requirements about a particular free spins bonus will find them laid out in the respective bonus terms and conditions. In some instances, they may be listed under an online casino’s regular terms and conditions under a heading such as Free Spins Bonus or Non-Deposit Bonus or similar.

This is without exception because to keep players happy and returning to play and deposit, all top online casinos ensure their T&Cs and wagering requirements are easily accessible and are clear and concise to avoid any misunderstandings down the line. If players cannot locate the wagering requirements, they must ask casino support for their on-site location.

How are Free Spins Wagering Requirements Calculated?

We’ve received feedback from many online casino players who feel that bonus wagering requirements are too complicated to calculate. However, nothing is further from the truth because all that’s required is some basic mathematics. For instance, in the case of a free spins bonus with a 20x wagering requirement, this is how easy it is to work out:

Players must play their free spins and take note of their balance (winnings) once their free spins have ended. For example, if a player racks up $30 in winnings from 20 free spins and the bonus has a 20x wagering requirement, the online or mobile casino will require them to make at least $600 in bets (20 x $30 = &600) before they can make a withdrawal.

Continuing with the above example, if the same bonus has a maximum withdrawal limit of $100, the player will have to forfeit $500 and only be allowed to withdraw $100. The reason for these limits is to prevent online casinos from being bankrupted as a result of having to pay out huge free bonus play winnings to players who haven’t deposited a cent.

Why are Bonus Wagering Requirements Important?

Many online players believe bonus wagering requirements are in place to ‘trap’ them and make it impossible to cash out their winnings. This is simply not true, however. Wagering requirements are not a trap so much as an important safe guard put in place by casinos to protect both themselves and players, and to maintain the integrity of their bonuses.

Another reason online casinos attach wagering requirements to their free spins bonuses is to limit their financial liability. In other words, while most players use up their free spins and resulting winnings with nothing left to withdraw, others rack up enormous winnings which, if uncapped, could cost casinos millions in the long term and affect their profitability.

And considering online casinos – like all other casinos – are in business to make money not lose it, this is clearly not an option. One more reason online casinos make use of wagering requirements is to comply with anti-money laundering regulations. These are to stop people from making deposits and claiming bonuses only to request their instant withdrawal.

Meeting No Deposit Free Spins Wagering Requirements

The way to negotiate no deposit free spins wagering requirements (or any bonus wagering requirements for that matter) is to face them head on by reading and understanding them. Players that don’t understand them should contact casino customer for some clarity.

Here are some helpful hints designed to help players succeed in meeting their no deposit free spins wagering requirements:

Choose the Best Online Casinos

Players looking for the fairest, most reputable and easiest to understand and negotiate wagering requirements will find them at the world’s best online casinos. The good news is that on we only promote the best no deposit online casinos that are:

  • Licensed and regulated
  • Fair, secure and trustworthy
  • Owned and operated by reputable gaming firms
  • Powered by the world’s premier casino game developers
  • Packed with hundreds of best-in-class and highly worthwhile games
  • Partnered with a wide selection of quick, tried and tested banking methods
  • Manned by highly trained and motivated customer care staff around-the-clock
  • Globally accessible by offering deposits, play, and withdrawals in multiple currencies

Read and Understand the Bonus Terms and Conditions

If interested in claiming a no deposit free spins bonus at their chosen casino, the first thing players need to do is seek out, read and understand the bonus terms and conditions.

Only once they understand exactly what is required of them in order to unlock, play, bank and ultimately cash out their bonus winnings (assuming they are lucky enough to accrue them), should they claim or opt in to receive a bonus.

Sign Up and Claim a Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

The only way players can claim a free spins no deposit bonus is to register for a new real money account first at their chosen no deposit casino. There is no way around this but signing up only takes a minute or two at the most and is 100% free to do.

To repeat, zero deposit is required to claim and play real money online slots with free spins. A new casino account is all that’s needed. Once logged in, players must then follow the on-screen instructions, or contact casino customer care if they get stuck.

Follow the Bonus Wagering Requirements Exactly

Once players have unlocked their free spins, they must use them exactly as dictated by the bonus terms and conditions and wagering requirements. Failure to do so could result in their bonus play being canceled and any winnings they accrued being forfeited. In extreme cases, players may even be banned for life by the online casino in question.

Are Bonus Wagering Requirements Avoidable?

Yes and no. Yes, if players just want to experience what it’s like to spin the reels of premier real money online slot games 100% for free. No, if players are intent on cashing out any winnings they may accrue from their free spins and subsequent bonus cash.

It should be mentioned that players are under no obligation to claim online casino bonuses whether they require a deposit to unlock them or not. In fact, by avoiding bonus offers altogether, players never have to concern themselves with wagering requirements.

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